Cloud Solutions

Why everyone loves Xero

  1. Automated daily bank feeds
  2. Web based so it’s available anytime, anywhere you’re online on any device
  3. Fast, simple & customized invoicing
  4. Safe & secure
  5. Dashboard gives a clear financial overview
  6. Real-time collaboration with us, your advisors
  7. Excellent support at no additional cost
  8. No installation or IT maintenance required
  9. Pay as you go and no up-front costs
  10. Fully integrated payroll system
5 Top reasons why Your business needs Xero

1. It’s as simple as clicking OK
With Xero it’s easy to keep all your accounts up to date and accurate. Automatically imported bank statements means that each day when you log into Xero, all your current transactions are waiting for you and the intuitive bank reconciliation means that Xero will find the best match for your accounts, then all your need to do it click OK!

2. Access anywhere, anytime, on any device
You can access your accounts and run your business from anywhere in the world with Xero as it is all hosted ‘in the Cloud’. Your trusted advisors can log in and view your accounts too which provides you with real-time advice, no more delays or errors sending files via email or courier.

3. Flexible & fast invoicing With Xero you can create, send, rece
ive and report on your invoices anywhere, but stored centrally online. With the flexibility to customise your invoices you can really make your invoice stand out from the rest.

4. Easy to read dashboard
The easy to read Dashboard gives you an accurate, real time view, providing a snapshot of your business at a glance.

5. Safe & Secure
Supported by a world-class network, data and physical security with the same levels of encryption as that used for internet banking, ensures the highest level of security for your peace of mind.

Watch Xero's 'Do beautiful business' video

Want to understand a little more? Read below.

Not sure about the cloud or what it means?
Well it just means it’s all hosted online. That means you can access your data and reports, anywhere, anytime, all around the world on any device. Yep iPad, iPhone and Android too. No versions, backups, updates, patches, Mac or PC issues, transferring files, using the wrong version, restoring backups, data storage space… need we go on? All those annoying issues are now in the past. They cost you and us as your advisor a lot of wasted time. With the cloud, we can do all your work for you on your live file, fix, assist, correct and then use that data for your tax and GST obligations, and pull reports instantly for management and analysation. You and we can look at all this adjusted data real time, all on the same one set of data, anywhere you are with an internet connection.

Worried about losing the data?
No problem. Despite it being hosted in numerous locations around the world, you can export everything into excel and save it on your own computer. Speaking of which, we can export and import loads of data in excel very quickly in and out of Xero if we need to. That includes reports, where Xero actually retains the formulas in excel for you to play around with all you like for management.

What’s so great about Xero?
Xero really has left the competition in the dust. Really. Who got to speak at this year’s federal government digital economy convention? Xero. Xero feeds transactions directly from your bank and credit card accounts, into the software. It intuitively prompts you for what to allocate these to, or, to match them to outstanding customer or supplier invoices. It then learns what you normally do with common transactions by narrations and amounts so that in future it’s a one click “OK” to agree with what the software pre-empts a transaction for. You can also set up rules for recurring transactions so that it automatically posts to accounts for you. And while this is being done, your bank account reconciliation is also being done. Want your customers to have the option of Paypal payments? No problem, it links to that too. Inventory, debtors, creditors, GST and payroll, it’s all in there. There are many reports, all with hyperlinked drill downs so you can find anything a number of ways quickly and easily, and the opening dashboard gives you a prompt update of your cash position. On top of all this, Xero provides an excellent back of house frame for us as your advisor to create and publish reports for you online from your data, as well as straight up debits and credits without all the tricky bells and whistles. If that’s not enough, you can also invite other users without any more licensing costs, and, in the payroll section staff can download their own payslips and payment summaries and enter timesheets and leave applications. It just keeps getting better and better as Xero introduces more and more functionality.

What can I do in Xero that I can’t do now in most other accounting software?

  • Payroll employee portal – timesheet entry, payslips, payment summaries, leave applications – done by your employees and not you if you like.
  • Intuitively learn your transaction behaviour to automatically complete transaction details so you only have to check and click OK in a second
  • Excellent and easy budgeting entry and variance reports
  • Calculation of depreciation for fixed assets
  • Export to excel without formula format issues
  • Take a pic of receipts with your phone and upload the expense via the Xero app
  • Online invoicing with clients
  • Xero to Xero network invoicing
  • Availability of apps for specialized areas – time billing/POS/CRM etc
  • Open multiple windows on the same login to view lots of things at once while any change updates live across all of them
  • Get easy and prompt support by typing directly into feedback box on the dashboard – no calls or waiting on hold.
  • Never have to update PAYG withholding tables
  • Never have to backup
  • Never have to buy extra licenses for users
  • Never have to email us the file
  • Backed by ANZ bank for added reliability

How much more could you want?

At what point should we convert?
It’s best to start from next July, or, when you register a new company, trust, or business. But you can always sign up for a trial to get used to it in the meantime at

Do I input the data, or a bookkeeper, or does Dtax™?
Anyone, or any combination of these can work on the data, or you can be trained to do all or some of it yourself. It depends on your needs, and the way you do things currently. We’ll make sure any transition is as smooth as possible. As mentioned, all 3 parties can have access to the data live at the same time if need be. You can even leave comments on tricky transactions, which we can then see and then respond to, or address.

How much does it cost and how does billing work?
You purchase the monthly subscription through us as a professional partner. Prices range from $29 to $49 a month pending your needs. If we do your quarterly BAS in-house we can package this cost. Purchasing through us as professional partner assures you get access to us linked into your same live data so we can assist you with anything online with our added professional partner program software features.

I’m interested, so what should I do?
As every client’s circumstances and needs differ, just email us and we’ll tailor a solution for you with pricing options and answer any other questions you have.